Talking to Him, or Herself

Harry always thought Helen was crazy talking to herself so much, then when he was placed into her body by a science experiment gone wrong, he was doing the same thing. As he got adjusted to his new female form, and was finally masturbating his new pussy, he was talking to himself about how good it felt! He caught himself doing this, and realized he was becoming more like her now that he was in her body!

Meanwhile Helen in his body was starting to be more judgmental like Harry was, even thinking her old body was in fact crazy even with Harry in it! It seems that both after swapping took on more than just physical traits, but some mental ones as well. Harry as Helen, however, didn’t have the inhibitions Helen did when she still had her female body. When he started fantasizing about the class football team (just as the original Helen had), he didn’t hold back like she did.

Helen as Harry walked in on Harry as Helen on afternoon to find him with the entire football team having group sex with them!!!

When Harry now Helen looked over at his old body with Helen in it, all he could say was, “GO TEAM!”

Harry as the new Helen, got the nickname Helen Whore after that, and he, well she didn’t care, she even got a tight shirt that showed her huge boobs well that said, “Whore and Proud!”

Helen in Harry’s body realized Harry was out of control in her body, but she had those same urges when she was in her old body, she just didn’t act on them!


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