‘Nam ’60’s

Gary was fascinated with history, Vietnam in particular. His grandpappy had been in Vietnam, and he loved hearing the stories, but somehow that wasn’t enough. One night after hearing another story from his gramps, he stayed on the porch while his gramps went to bed. He seen a shooting star and made a wish.

“I wish I was in Vietnam back then, but I wouldn’t be much of a fighter. I wish I was in Vietnam and would be well protected,” said Gary.

He felt a wave of energy around his body, but then it subsided. He later went to bed, thinking nothing more of that feeling or the wish he had made. When he awoke though, that was the surprise. He found he was outside, in a jungle looking area, and it was super hot. He also noticed right away his hair was much longer, blonde, and wavy.

The real shock was looking down, and seeing a bright pink patterned dress and two small protrusions that he could also feel on his chest. He then felt for his groin, and found a smooth patch. He knew what this meant, somehow he was a woman! Even his hands were smaller, and softer.

“My goodness what happened to me… my voice, it’s true, I’m a… I’m a… WOMAN?! How is this even possible, and were am I?”

Suddenly Gary heard firing! Then a what appeared to be a Vietnam soldier from the U.S. was yelling at him and saying he was coming to protect him. The soldier pushed him down, and tried to protect him from enemy fire.

“Ms., I don’t have a clue how you got all the way out here, but this place is dangerous. In fact I’m not sure how you got out here in Vietnam. Are you a nurse at our local base? You’d have to be right? Well, whatever just stay down, you’ll be well protected Ms.,” said the man.

Once the enemies were subdued, the man carried Gary back to base camp. Gary tried to tell them who he was and where he was from, and they thought he must have had some sort of mental trauma from being in Vietnam. If he was a nurse, he was in no shape to be one now. They quickly sedated him, and he lay there in a bed, along with many soldiers injured there in ‘Nam.

Looking over at a calendar after waking up later, Gary seen the date, it was July 1969, Vietnam was in full swing, and Neil Armstrong would land on the moon. He remembered history by this date, but also grabbing his new boobs realized not only was he a part of it, he was a female part of it now! He had no idea what to do, but couldn’t keep telling people who he was or where he was from, or he would be committed if he ever got back to the states.

Gary played the mental trauma role out with an amnesia role too, and sure enough he was well protected until he was sent back to the U.S. The U.S. of the past that is, and as a female! Gary realized it must have been that shooting star, but any wish to go back had failed there after. He realized it might have been a once in rare occasion and that he might very well be stuck like this in the past.

He started realizing at least he got to live out history, and from a different perspective, a woman’s. He knew the road would be tough for him, as it was harder on women to make a career back then, but he would try anyway. The soldier that rescued him was discharged later, and came looking for him, asking to marry him! Normally Gary would have never agreed to that, he was not even into men, but now that he was a woman, things had changed, and he was starting to like dudes.

They dated for awhile and later married. He later had a son, and come to find out he was his own long lost mother! He had never met his mother, besides at birth, and she apparently disappeared shortly after giving birth. Where did Gary go?

Gary wasn’t pleased with the way history turned out and made a change to it. He scammed the votes, and Nixon stay in office after 1972, allowing George McGovern to win the election. This led to a completely different direction in the space program, and to the invention of a time machine, by a scientist that would have been killed if history played out the original way. Soon a moon base was built, and later many trips to Mars, which led to a permanent colony there. All of this would play out and lead to a coalition in the future, throughout the galaxy.

Gary found the time machine, and used it to get back to his own time, but somehow that didn’t happen either. He ended up in the far future, and still a woman of course, but that was why he disappeared. He used a time machine that never would have existed without him changing history. He ended in a future with some kind of galactic federation.

Not having a real name, except the one his husband had given him, the federation renamed him Samus Aran. He would later become a bounty hunter, hunting space pirates that were a threat to the federation, never revealing his former identity. He might not have been a good fighter in Vietnam, but he sure was in the future, especially when an alien bird race gave him a special space suit, and he acquired a gunship. He was tall, blonde, pretty, and dangerous, and he liked it now!


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