Heed the warning label

I was having a shitty week. Hell, a shitty month was more like it. Work had me stressed beyond belief. On top of that my girlfriend was out of state spending time with her parents, which made the apartment feel very empty and lonely. I needed something to help me relax. That’s when I thought about taking a bubble bath. My girlfriend loved taking bubble baths, and when she’d get out, she always seemed to radiant and joyful. I looked under the sink and found her bubble bath solution along with some scented candles that I noticed were from the same company. I figured I might as well go all out. I started filling the tub, then read the label on the bottle to see how much I should put it. There was a warning that said it was for women only, but I chalked that up to to the company trying to be funny. The label boasted its ability to enhance every aspect of a woman’s body as well as be made of the essence of femininity itself, but there was no direction as far as the amount I should use. I figured the company was just saying stuff to get their otherwise ordinary product to sell and just put in an amount at my own discretion.
The bubble bath was soothing, The water seemed to such the aches right out of my body, and the scented candles seemed to erase all the stressful thoughts from my mind. Before I realized I had nodded off for what felt like just a moment, but a quick glance at the clock told me it was more than an hour. As my senses came back to me, I started to notice all kinds of things. Looking down I found two large breasts adorning my chest and two very feminine looking legs at the far end of the tub. I reached my hands to my face and found it to feel completely foreign. My hand then shot down between my legs where my familiar organ seemed to have gone missing. I started to panic, but the scent of the candles was still there, calming me. Was it really so bad? I mean I did feel absolutely great.


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