The Mutant Ray

Harry was an advocate against mutants, that is until, he was changed into one! The mutants put a ray into the city, changing anyone with the possibility of being a mutant, into one with their full potential. The dormant genes were turned on so to speak.

We see Harry here, after being changed, in awe of his new chest size. It made him into a bright red haired sexy woman, with a huge rack. He would later go by the name, “Zeppla” as he now had a set of zeppelins on his chest, that had super powers. His boobs shoot out energy rays through any bra or top from his nipples. He could blast enemies away in seconds with his hot tits.

He, now SHE would later retract her accusations of mutants, being one herself now, and join the good mutants at the school nearby for lost mutants.


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