Happy to be giving it away.

Jack now Jessica followed Michelle now Mark into the men’s toilet somewhere he knew quite well before the great shift turned him into a young sexy woman as the stationery closet was already occupied for a quick afternoon session.

Michelle was happy to help Jack out even though she knew she was not the only one.

But everybody around the office knew how horny he got in the afternoon and he could become quite a bitch if he didn’t get some so they all took it in turns to keep him happy.

As none of the men that were not affected by the great shift saw it as a chore and the women who was swapped into men’s bodies were happy just for the practice.

They all knew it was because he landed in the body of a local call girl who was on the same subway train as him and who had a very high libido and whose body was used to being screwed three time a day.

It got such a commonplace thing to find him being screwed all over the office once or twice a day that nobody batted an eyelid at it anymore apart from a couple of the jealous women who were annoyed at all the attention he was getting.


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