TG Fun Run

So I signed up for one of those charity runs where people throw that color powder at you, I figured it be a fun way to spend a few hours over the weekend.

The run started and everything was normal but a few minuets in I began to feel strange, my chest was shaking and my hair felt longer. I looked down and saw two large breasts forming on my chest, smacking around with each step I took, all around there were other men in similar situations, slowly turning into women as the powder hit them.

When I got to the end i saw just how big my breasts were and I noticed my cock had shirvled up. The organizers explained that some Feminist group had snuck in the night before and laced all the color powder with Fem-X to turn all the male participants into women. They apologized for the fact that we were all stuck as women now, and gave us new clothes.

By the time I got home there was already a voicemail for a lawyer but I needed a shower first, I was sweaty, covered in weird powder and I wanted to explore my new body for a bit.


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