Feels better than ever

It’s been ten years since the car accident that left Thomas paralyzed in bed. Thomas knew he had no chance on going back to normal so he accepted that he will stay in bed for the rest of his life. Thomas was thinking what his life could be like if not that fateful day, sometimes he thought it would be better if he had died back then.

One day when Thomas was staring pointlessly at the ceiling when he heard a buzzing sound. It was becoming louder until everything went black. When he came back to his senses Thomas noticed he was standing outdoors. “I can stand?” He said aloud. He took a few steps, then moved his hand. “It’s a miracle” Thomas shouted extremely happy. He was so occupied by the fact he could move freely he didn’t notice he was a girl. It was until he jumped in delight he felt something heavy bounce on his chest. Startled, he grabbed the two mounds in his hands. When he caught a glimpse of his reflection his mouth dropped in shock, it was him. He touched his cheek amezed how soft it was. Then he noticed the panic spreading around. It looks like everybody had swapped bodies because of the great shift. Thomas quickly hid himself in the alley betwen two buildings to not get trampled as people were starting to lose their minds.

Eventually everything calmed down. It has been two months since the great shift, and people were starting to get used to their new bodies. Thomas, now in the body of a teenage girl named Erica went outside for a walk. He wandered around the town looking how others are coming to terms with their lives. Thomas didn’t had any problems with it. It was great to have full control over his body again. He took a deep breath enjoying the morning sun. “I guess the great shift was really a miracle” Thomas said as he sat down and imagined what the future will bring.


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