Gradually Waking to a new Reality

Tad was gradually waking up, and felt a strange pleasure as he did with lots of touching on his body it seemed as he felt delicate female hands on it. When he opened his eyes, however, he realized it was real, the three women he cheated on were there all over him, and now he had pretty delicate hands like them he noticed as he grabbed his new boobs then pussy as his ex was fingering him in a place he shouldn’t have! The one ex near his ear whispered to him his new name Trisha, and asked if SHE was enjoying it.

Tad got up and screamed, “TRISHA, I’M A CHICK!? WHAT HAVE YOU THREE DONE TO ME!”

The ex on his other side said, “What have we done, why we’ve made you one of us for cheating on us and not respecting women. Now you are one of us yourself… PERMANTENT I might add. Let’s hope you don’t get used and abused like you did us. Or maybe you should be so you can learn an even bigger lesson of what’s it’s like for a woman to be treated like garbage. Welcome to womanhood Trisha, don’t worry we’ll help you in your new life, just be nice to us or you’ll do this on your own. Now let’s find you a tight mini dress and some heels to start!”

“Mini dress, heels?! Are you kidding,” said the new Trisha.

“We are not kidding,” said the ex on the right.

The one on the left said, “Yes we are not!”

The one fingering his new equipment said, “You feel this you have down here now? People with this down here wear clothes like that sometimes so get used to it. Girls, get him that dress ASAP, and the highest fucking heels you can find! We’re going to break in this cheater to womanhood fast! Also a bra and panties would be nice, and get him that bra that digs into your shoulders, so he gets to really experience some womanhood.”

With that Trisha was born, and tears rolled down her cheeks realizing she was in a way paying for what she had done. She realized at least she was alive, though, and could be a better person, even if it was as a woman!


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