Ted’s Brain

Ted was in an accident with a busty brunette, and just before going unconscious he remembered seeing her face. When he woke, the first thing he seen was her face, but this time it was in a mirror! The doctors and nurses hadn’t expected him to wake just yet, so were not there to console him in the “changes” that took place. His brain was good, and was placed into the woman’s body, who’s brain was dead. Without this body, Ted would have died as well.

The doctors took a gamble, thinking he would be better alive than dead since they had the technology to do this, and that he could adjust, at least he would be alive, and he was pretty good looking now to boot!

Ted said in his new voice, “What the… I’m… HER… I’m that dumb brunette…. MY voice, I sound like a woman, I’m that brunette bimbo that ran into me! You put me in her body?! What have you done. Oh MY… these, OH MY CHEST, I’m huge! I have giant breasts now?! My little buddy, OH NO It’s gone, and I’m… pierced down there too I have a flipping pierced clit!”

One of the nurses rushed in, “Ted, Sir, you need to calm down. I’ll give you this.”

The nurse administered a small dosage of meds to calm the new woman down! Later they explained to HER what happened, and the only reason she was alive was this brain transplant. They told her, her new name was Daphne Lynn Porter, and her profession, they would get into later. She lived alone in a big house, but there were friends, friends they didn’t want to bring in because Ted wouldn’t know them! They actually kept this on the quiet side.

Ted screamed, “What is my occupation, TELL ME NOW!”

One of the nurses that came in blurted it out, even though she shouldn’t have, “You’re a flipping whore, that’s your occupation, or at least the woman that had that body was! She was a high priced escort for rich businessmen as far as we know, and it looks like she spent a pretty penny on those “things” on your chest too. I’m sure we can get you a different profession, obviously. We’ll start you in a new life, away from everyone, start you over. Perhaps a secretarial job a few states away? We’ll see, MISS.”

“Daphne Porter? An escort? What the heck, one minute I’m a man in an accident that wasn’t my fault, and now I’m this busty woman that caused it, and you’re telling me I’m an escort? Oh, I don’t want to even know the things this body’s probably done, this is so wrong,” said Ted, now Daphne.

“Ted, Daphne, I mean you should be grateful you are alive. You would have been dead otherwise, your body was mangled beyond belief, and even by some small way you’re body was viable, you would have been a cripple. Now you have full use of your arms and legs, and you can do everything you did before, except your just not a man anymore. Half the population is women, you’ll get used to it, give it time,” said one of the doctors smiling.

“Give it time? You’re not the one with the oversexed body with giant breasts and a pierced pussy either! This is going to take a long time to get used to, a long time. I’m grateful to be alive, I really am, but I never thought it would be as a busty hooker, never. This is borderline absurd. The breasts are huge, and so heavy and jiggle a lot. I have… all this hair now too. I’m feeling my butt now, and of course it’s huge also! I’m miss T and A apparently now! I guess doctor, whatever you think I need to do next,” said the new Daphne.

They started her off with therapy, and lots of it, and soon she was adjusting. What she was not prepared for was her new body’s urges taking over! There was a reason, Daphne chose the profession she was in, it paid well, and she was a sex addict! The new Daphne, was now realizing she was craving sex, and not with women any longer either!

When she was released, and began her secretarial job, she intentionally spilled coffee on her boss, so he would take his shirt off for her, and then the rest we’ll leave to the imagination! New Daphne may have no longer been an escort, but she was now a slutty secretary, renamed Donna Ann Plots with her new identity. The funny thing is, she was ending up having more sex as “sex-retary” than her body ever did as an escort! The new Donna just loved her boobs bouncing all over the place too when a man would rock her world! After finding out months later Donna was doing well and moving up in her company, the doctors knew the brain transplant was a complete success, but Donna would just call it a “suck-sess”.


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