Going for the record

Mark and Gwen loved to challenge each other. They each had very high libidos so these challenges often ended up being quite sexual. One day Gwen challenged Mark to an orgasm contest. Whoever had more orgasms in a day would win. Mark complained that Gwen had an unfair advantage being a woman. That was when Gwen produced a vial which she promised Mark would level the playing fields. Mark shrugged and downed the vial.A minute later he knew how it worked. The vial had made him into a chick. He was upset, but Gwen said she had the antidote and would give it to him in a week if he won the contest. Mark accepted this and tried to turn the situation to his advantage and kissed Gwen. Gwen pulled away grossed out and said she wasn’t in to chicks. She left the room and said she was going to be out going for the record.This is Mark four hours later going for orgasm number 29. He’d never felt anything so wonderful as the female orgasm and was starting to wonder if he’d even want to turn back when he won.


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