Girl’s school @jc123

Joe was sitting on his computer, chating with Heather, a girl he just met. They were talking about random stuff like movies, music or the upcoming soccer match. Joe was about to ask her to come see him playing when Heather asked a weird question “Did you ever wondered how it is to be a girl?” Joe was surprised. He often thought about it. It was actually his fantasy. He was reading tg captions and imagining himself to be turned into a girl just like the boys in the stories. It was his secret and nobody should find out about this but Joe felt like he could confess. “Actually i was thinking a lot. I think it would be amazing to find out” Joe replyed. “What if i told you i can turn you into a girl?” Joe looked at the monitor trying to make sure he read it correctly. “Well it would be nice but i don’t belive such things could be done”. “Then close your eyes and count to ten” Heather wrote. Joe closed his eyes and slowly counted. With each second he could feel something changing about his body. His hair seemed to be longer. His body frame was becoming smaller and his chest was swelling. When Joe opened his eyes he immidiately noticed the change. “Oh my god” He whispered to himself “I’m really a girl!” Joe was amazed. He quickly got up to see himself in the mirror. “Even my clothes” Joe smiled seeing himself as a cute girl wearing a beautiful red dress. “I guess i should call myself Jess from now” She said and went back on the computer to thank Heather for this wonderfull gift.


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