Mark spent his Christmas Eve alone and desperately wanted some company. (Santa Clause, I wish for a lady in red all gift-wrapped for me, he thought.) Santa heard him.

On Christmas morning, Mark came down to find a lady in red lingerie and gift ribbons. “Oh my God!” he said with delight. “Santa, you are real!”

“M-m-Mark?!” said the lady in her sultry voice. “It’s me, your boss Oliver. How did I get here? What, what are THESE?!” he exclaimed, wildly running his hands all over his body.

Mark laughed and clapped his hands. “Oh, this is too rich,” he said, “So it’s you, big bad Oliver. You know, I’ve always hated you for stepping on me and stealing my work. I was always trying to be Mr. Nice Guy. You were such a prick. Now the only ‘prick’ you’re going to see is the one I’ve got right here!” Mark said, pointing down.

The lady’s eyes grew wide. “What’s happening to me? My mind is changing and…I’m getting turned on and…who am I? Somehow I want this, Mark!”

“Looks like Santa knows who’s been naughty and nice,” said Mark. (Thank you, Santa, he prayed.)


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