Bitchy Neighbor

“Ohhh, this bitch’s husband ist going to love the bigger titties I gave his woman.”, ‘Stephanie’ muttered in her sweet sing song voice her husband loved. Unluckily for her, that 18 year old Adam had possessed her body while she was busy renovating the house she bought with her husband two weeks ago. Their new going to be neighbor Adam found Stefanie’s body quite appealing and tested his possession skills on her. To Stephanie’s misfortune Adam heard her complaining about “all the bitches with bigger beasts than her, which her husband seemed to love”, so he also tried out his newest magic tricks and let her lovely B-cups grow into very large G-cup. She never wanted breasts that big, even though her husband asked her many times to get a breath enlargement.
Now because she didn’t wear a bra that day, and her green-white striped top couldn’t hold boobs that big, he pulled them out as they were getting too large. He immediately began to grope them wildly and as he noticed that her pussy was getting wet and itchy, he pushed her left hand deep into her vagina to scratch that itch. He couldn’t control himself as he began to moan loudly and he didn’t really care that the people outside could hear him. It wasn’t his problem when Stefanie got a bad reputation before she would live here. So he kept on going until her legs began to quiver and her whole sexy body began to tremble as an orgasm was near. He felt like his new body was gonna explode until it felt like a dam was bursting which left him in pure pleasure.
Suddenly he heard ‘his’ husband coming into the house and he quickly shot up again after he sunk down during the joy of the orgasm. He tried to get the juice of his delicate hands, even the engagement ring was full of her juices, which gave him a nice thought. Instead of wiping his hands on her clothes, he licked every finger clean and tasted and smelled the delicious remaining of the orgasm. He couldn’t do anything about the big wet spot on the floor and her wet clothes and that gave him the idea to leave her body so she had to handle this situation on her own. With one thought he was hovering above her body as a ghost. Right in the moment her senses came back, her husband came into the room in which Adam left her half naked in the floor with her sweaty and juice soaked clothes. Her now enormous, because of the enlargement, ruby hard nipples pointed directly at her husband who was staring with animal lust at the beautiful sight in front of him.
Stefanie, who was confused as hell, couldn’t stop her husband from practically raping her while she couldn’t stop wondering what had happened and why her loved B-cup boobies suddenly felt extremely heavy…


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