Getting Out Of Hand

It all started when when Sally and I suddenly switched genders for no apparent reason. I wasn’t exactly happy with that, but I adjusted. It didn’t hurt that Sally turned out H-O-T hot, I mean damn, look at her. She’s the one I’m blowing here, just take a moment and appreciate that face and body. I would have gone gay for her when I was a guy, I didn’t last two minutes as a girl before I was spreading my legs.

It took me a few weeks, but learned to be happy. There are lots of annoying parts, but the sex is fantastic – Sally’s got lots of stamina – and I was even starting to enjoy dressing up and making myself look pretty. Hell, I was starting to enjoy sucking Sally off – there’s something really erotic about having a big hard cock cum down your throat. But then Sally’s friend Lauren was in town, and crashed the night at our place. And woke up as that big black guy in the back. And suddenly, threesomes.

It took me about a week to accept that I now had two hung studs in my life. Well. I was having sex with them during that time, of course. All kinds – I fucked Lauren alone, I fucked Sally alone, and the two of them also seemed to like fucking me together. I kept them away from my ass for three days, but eventually I gave in to that as well. Good choice on my part too – awesome feeling, two cocks rubbing together inside of me. And after that I was getting spit-roasted and DPed every day. But I wasn’t really into it – ok, ok. I was into it, but it took me a week to be happy about the fact that I loved it. I was originally a guy, alright? Give me a break. But eventually I accepted that having two big, strong men fuck me simultaneously with their warm, hard, large cocks was a good time, and we all settled in to a nice menage a trois.

And then Michelle stayed the night… and well, you can probably guess what happened next. Now I had three big cocks in my life to contend with. I didn’t mind this transition as much – once you’re ok with two, what’s one more? It’s not like they were doing anything new to me, they were just doing it all at the same time, and more often. Ok, a lot more often. Seriously, it felt like every spare minute I had there was at least one cock in me. Not that I’m complaining too much, mind you. I don’t know why, but all of them just want to be in one big group relationship, and I’m in the middle. I think I’m the most well sexed girl in the world, and all of them make sure I get off on it.

I was a bit upset when they added Josephine and Amber, because, well, math. I was out of holes! And they don’t seem to listen to me when I tell them I only want three guys fucking me at any one time. I… wait. No no no no no. Sally, just because I’m bouncing up and down on Michelle doesn’t mean I’m ready for all of you, don’t tell them to all pile on. Stop holding my head down, I need to tell you to stop. There’s no way I’m fitting another juicy cock in my mouth, and- oh god. Oh god, Amber, my pussy is already taken, oh FUCK I can’t believe you’re putting your big rod in there too. Oh my god. I feel so fucking full, this is amazing- I mean shit, you guys need to stop this. I wish you’d let me talk out loud. I’m not going to be able to walk for a week.

Josephine, can’t you see my mouth is taken? No, don’t stretch my jaw. I’m telling you no with my eyes. Although, I guess it’s kind of hot watching you two rub your hard cocks together in my mouth, and feeling both of you with my tongue. But seriously, if you keep this up I won’t even be able to talk. Here, I’ll get a rhythm going with my hands – there, that’s better, now you’re both fucking my face but there’s only one cock in at any one time. I hope Sally cums soon… is that Lauren? Oh no. Lauren, that hole isn’t lubed yet OH SHIT you’re all mother fuckers, I hate you so much and god that feels fucking fantastic, I can’t believe I have three cocks pounding me from behind. I’m going to make you all carry me around from now on, I can’t feel my legs.

* * *

Wow. That was… something. I feel so well fucked. What’s that? You want to invite Lexi over to spend the night? You seriously think I want another big, hard, juicy cock to fuck my holes and fill me with hot, delicious cum?

…ok, that sounds good. We should see if Penny wants to get in on this too while we’re at it. And that neighbor girl, Jessica, I think she’s single now…


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