Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Jake got pulled over on gold ole Route 66 for speeding. He had a card up his sleeve however. As the police officer asked for his license, Jake muttered a spell. Suddenly the officer turned into a hot slutty female cop, with a huge sex drive. Officer Brady, was shocked at the changes, especially the huge boobs and hot wet pussy, but his er HER new desires were overwhelming her! She couldn’t resist handsome men now, and Jake looked handsome to her! She took him into custody, and not to her surprise, he went willingly!

When they got to the station, she put the handcuffs on the table for later, and told Jake to disrobe for a strip search. When she seen his huge erect penis bounce out of his boxers, she was enthused, as his cock was at attention for her sexy body! She dropped to her now nylon clad knees. (Her police uniform now involved a skirt instead of pants, with four inch heels and shiny matching black pantyhose.) She unbuttoned her police shirt, revealing her huge new puppies that were braless and put her new plump lavender lip gloss covered lips around that huge attentive cock! She looked up at her new man, watching him react in pleasure, pleasure she was giving him with her sexy mouth and body!

Somewhere in there officer Brady was still there, aware and in control, but the desires, those slut urges were so overwhelming, he was like a whore in heat! He just had to have a man, and a penis! For the final part of the spell, when Jake came in the new woman’s mouth, her boobs grew to triple their already huge size, her clit got larger, her lips plumper, and her ass expanded. Also the cum sealed the deal, making the changes permanent, leaving officer Brady now officer Brandi, a buxom policewoman, with a huge craving for hot hunks!

Jake reflected that this was the best arrest he had ever experienced, and the best blowjob for that matter!


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