Anna to Poppy

Subject 1, Journal 1:

I’ll admit I didn’t always start off using my powers in the most responsible of ways. I wanted to figure out the extent of what I could do, but that meant I needed test subjects. But using innocent people felt wrong. At first I thought I’d help someone who wanted to change–like a trans male who wanted to be female. But then, I had an evil thought: I could also change people who deserved it. People who had wronged me in the past.

And who better than the girl who’d just popped up on my newsfeed: Anna. Anna and I had been close, but she’d friend-zoned me early on. I didn’t mind though because Anna was cute and I thought that once I got close to her, she’d maybe start to see me in a different light.

I’d help her with her college classes, I’d buy her food when she was sick. I doted on her, while she continued to go out with other guys. She’d even send me pictures of the outfits she would wear on dates as if I was just another gal pal. But, finally, after 2 years of being friends, I got up the nerve to ask her out. I was really nervous and so she saw it coming.

I could see her just staring past me while I confessed to her. She even tried to sneak a glance at her phone. When I was done asking her, she said “sorry Tom, I just don’t see you that way.”

“Oh, I said…ok”

“But don’t worry, we can totally still remain friends. I still want to stay close.”

It wasn’t ideal, but I was a little relieved knowing I hadn’t destroyed my friendship with her too…or so I thought. After that day, Anna never spoke with me again. She stopped responding to texts, messages, everything. I even left a note at her door asking if she was ok. It was only via facebook, when I saw her post a picture of herself getting ready for a new date that I realized she was fine. She had just lied to me so that she could cut me out of her life. And when I saw that picture, I knew: Anna would be my first test subject.

I went to her apartment and knocked on the door on a Saturday morning. No answer. But I knew she wouldn’t be out, she always stayed in on Saturdays to recharge. I knocked again. This time I could hear her footsteps inside, but still she didn’t open the door. After three of for more rounds of knocks, she finally opened up.

“Oh hey Tom, long time no see. We should hang out more!” she continued, as fake as ever.

“I know you don’t want to see me Anna, but can I come in for 2 minutes?”

“Oo..ook” she said. Maybe she was just curious what I could be doing.

I walked in and sat on her couch. When she was standing in front of me, with her hands crossed, I said:

“Anna, you were a bad friend to me and I’ve decided to punish you. I know you think I’m crazy, but you chose the wrong friend to shut out. Why? Well for starters you’re not a mute.”

Anna tried talking back but found that no sound came from her throat. The look of shock was very arousing.

“Haha. Yeah, see. You’re fucked. Next let’s make your body incredibly horny. Horny all the time for any guy. Maybe then you’ll say yes to me.”

I could see her fighting this command, but her body’s hormonal cycle was already adjusting to my wishes. I could her crossing her legs as she tried to resist touching herself. She after all, purported to be a good Christian girl but everyone knew she was wild underneath. I could even see her nipples begin to poke out of her bra as she began to bit her lip. She was actually sweating from just trying to resist how horny she felt.

“Oh and of course, if you’re going to be doing guys all the time, we need to make you more attractive. So let me just imagine up a bombshell body for you–one that oozes sex, with lots of curves to grab. And let’s make it a body you love to flaunt in racy numbers. In fact, let’s make it so that sexier the clothing you wear, the more sensitive and pleasurable your body becomes.”

I didn’t know if all of these requests would work, but somehow they did. As long as I stuck to changes related to her body, I could do anything! Her breasts grew bigger as did her butt. Her skin grew lighter in color and her lips became fuller. Her hair went from dark black to being highlighted with yellow. And to my surprise, even her clothes changed! Her bra went from plain to lace. And her shirt changed into a night gown.

Oh and let’s make you unmuted, but let’s say that the sound of your own voice moaning makes you horny. And that you are very vocal when you are aroused. There now everything about her body she keep her perpetually aroused.

“ohhhhh. ohhhhh. OOOOOOOOH. TOM TAKE ME RIGHT NOW!!”

I smiled, got up from the couch, and walked out the apartment, more satisfied than I’d ever been in my life. As I was walking down, I saw a man walking past me to her place. He was the guy from facebook! Her most resent date! I paused for a moment, and then I went back to anna’s apartment…

3 weeks later and a photo of anna (who now went by poppy) appeared on my facebook. “First day at my new job and the tips are stellar XOXO” it read. Poppy (right), and her former lover Todd (Now Twinkle) had just started work as bunnies at the local strip club.


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