Get him out of the house for good

Andrew couldn’t think straight. He’d been really struggling the past three days to think about anything other than playing with his new pussy. It wasn’t his fault god damn it, his mom’s stupid spell had given him amazing tits and every time he looked down at them he got turned on!

He knew he should do something else, anything else besides masturbate. Not that his mom promised to turn him back anytime soon. Just because he got caught fooling around with Stacy Mitchell at the park after dark. What did his mom care anyways?! Who cared if he still lived under her roof, he was 26 god damn it, he was entitled to fool around with a girl if he wanted to!

He stripped and jumped in the shower, the water set full blast cold. He really needed to not do what he was thinking about doing. How come girl’s didn’t touch themselves all the time? It felt so fucking good, way better than when he’d had a cock.

Andrew’s mom insisted he would learn something from all this, but damned if he knew what she was going for. Even with the cold water running over his skin he looked down at his tits and felt his pussy radiate warmth. God those tits were nice, so perfect and round, and now they were all wet and shiny…

His hand slipped to his crotch and rubbed his clit. He groaned and shoved three fingers inside himself. His other hand came down and played with his clit while he fucked his fingers. He bucked his hips against his hands and resisted the urge to cry out. His mind wandered as it had begun to, to thoughts of things bigger than his fingers. Fuller, longer, rounder. And of course, the places he could go to get them. Some of his friends were still around. They weren’t deadbeats like him, so even if he went to them he’d have to wait until they got off work.

He gasped and whipped his head back. Was he really thinking about fucking some of his old friends. They all knew his mom was a witch, they’d all know exactly who he was.

They’d shove their dicks in Andrew without a second thought. Pumping and pumping into her until-

She screamed, her legs barely keeping her upright as she came, cool water running down her skin. She could do it, she realized as she groaned, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. She would do it. Just to try to calm herself down a little. Nothing serious. His mom would turn him back before long, right?

Andrew’s mother was far from shocked when she came home and saw John’s car in the drive way. She wasn’t shocked when she found Andrew’s door closed, rhythmic thumping and soft groaning coming out from behind it. After all, all of Andrew’s friends were so much more reliable and so much harder working than Andrew. And of course just as single.

She really hope Andrea would make one of them a nice wife and get her out of the house for good.


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