My special friend 1

Adam: *Manly voice* “Ahhh yes! So… how was it? Am I sexy enough?” *Wink*
John: “Uhhh… Adam? Are you really in Jeslyn’s body?”
Adam: *Manly voice* “Well yeah duh! C’mon, just grab it!”
John: “Grab whaaaa…??”
Adam: *Manly voice* “Just grab my boobs duh! To prove that I am really inside of her right now~”
John: “Well … okay….”
John: *Squeeze* *Squeeze*
Adam: *Jeslyn sweet sexy voice* “Uhhh yeahhh… That feels good~~ Don’t stoppp~~ Keep squeezing~ Uhhhh~ Yeah~~ Uhhh~”
John: “Whoa.. Holy f*ck.. I am so hard right now.. Can I…?”
Adam: *Jeslyn voice* “Well yeah let’s do this!”
John: “Okay! Off we go to your bed in your house!”


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