Ned and Ted were happy with the results of their first wish from the genie. They thought what the harm in seeing how the other half lives, using only one wish to get this way and one back, leaving them with one more wish after. What they didn’t know was, this genie didn’t give three wishes!

Ned and Ted wished to be busty beautiful brunette women. Ned on the left was a little apprehensive about what they had done, but was somewhat enjoying his new body. Ted on the other hand, was very please, shaking his new boobs, so big, so heavy, so great feeling on his new female chest!

After they got back to the lamp, the genie told them he was just waiting to see how the wish went before leaving, as he only grants one wish! Both new girls were in total shock at this, realizing they were now stuck with what they wanted to try, stuck with huge boobs, stuck as chicks! Ned realized he could get used to it, but this time Ted was being apprehensive, realizing just how huge his new boobs were, and how they were already giving him back trouble!

Ned and Ted had to get new IDs as Neena and Tessa, and start over, no one would believe they were Ned and Ted. What job would they have to do with no background as women? Stripping of course, they were smart enough to realized their assets were their saving factor in starting over, but they didn’t always like being eye candy for horny guys like they once were! They also didn’t exactly like at first, the fact that they were seeing guys differently now, and some even looked handsome to them as the danced for them on stage and in private booths. Neena and Tessa were dealing with what they dealt to themselves, can’t blame anyone but themselves. Soon enough though they would realized the liked this much better, but it took them awhile to adjust.


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