Ladies in Waiting

Jake and Clayton had never been big fans of the idea of actually having to work for a living. Yes, they were aware that millions upon millions of other people successfully pulled off the 9-5 grind week in and week out, but, well……they just weren’t interested. It wouldn’t be quite fair to say they were lazy—-when something actually interested them, they were willing to put quite a lot of work into it—-and that’s how they found the fountain.

Nestled deep in the mountains of northern Italy, the fountain supposedly had the power to grant a wish if you tossed a specially made pure silver pendant into it. Such pendants were rare at best, which is why it was so impressive that Jake and Clay actually tracked one down. Being the sons of wealthy American corporate owners who invested heavily overseas did have some benefits, after all.

Of course, they really should have known better than to wish for something as vague as never having to work again. After all, as trophy wives to be, Jasmine(left) and Clarissa(right) won’t ever have to work a day in their lives.

Not, of course, that the two lovely ladies remember anything about that….or much else, honestly.


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