Trying the spell 4

It’s been 6 hours since Johnny took over James’ mom’s body and he’s still enjoying the feeling of mushing her huge breasts around on his chest. He’d already orgasmed 5 times and he was yet to touch her vagina. He wasn’t even supposed to stay in her body. All he had planned to do was to possess her body and change her memories so that James had never even left the house the past two days. He knew exactly how to do it as well, while James was in Ambers body Johnny was unable to use the spell so instead he spent the two days researching what it can do. Turns out that not only can you read memories but you can also change someone’s memories when occupying their body. So this is exactly what he did. He told James he was going home after they reached James’ house saying he “Didn’t want to feel the wrath of the beast” but instead he ran around the corner of James’ house and quickly read the possession spell all the while thinking about James’ mom. Suddenly he found himself in her body wearing simply a dressing gown having obviously just gotten out of the bath. He followed is plan through and lightly berated James for 5 minutes, to which James wondered off pleased with not getting punished or grounded, and then heading to her bedroom in order to change her memories. This is where he got a bit curious I mean how could he resist he could feel the heavy mass of Mrs. Swanson’s breasts hanging from his chest he had to see them. And when he did he was shocked at the sheer size of jello masses, Johnny knew they were big but completely free of clothing they were huge. He just had to feel them and when he did he was hooked. That was 6 hours ago and now here he is still molesting the creamy pliant flesh that belongs to his best friend’s mom. Johnny didn’t even have an ounce of guilt he was too enthralled in the pleasure he was feeling.


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