Future hot mom

Three months ago, Jake and Hannah had found a necklace that let them swap bodies. They both agreed the weekend afterwards had been the most wild weekend of either of their lives, and it soon became a weekly tradition for them to swap.

Then, two weeks ago, Hannah had suggested they try a longer swap. Try really being each other and not just having kinky sex. Well, they’d still have the kinky sex, she suggested with a wink. Jake had smiled and agreed. They’d both help each other be each other.

Jake found Hannah’s job as a waitress menial and boring, and on top of that, her boss kept yelling at her and more than a few customers grabbed her ass. No wonder she hated it so much. Hannah was very bright, but she tended to clash with her supervisors and this tended to keep her from staying anywhere long enough to rise above entry level positions. Jake hoped she was doing better in his job. He was in middle management at a distribution center and felt he had to put up with a lot more shit from the people below him than above him.

Jake got home from work and complained about how his back ached and his feet hurt and how work sucked and Hannah listened patiently. Then he asked Hannah about her day and a smile appeared on his old face and Hannah started going on and on about how much she liked being the boss and everyone Jake worked with. Then Hannah started getting handsy and Jake just let her go. He felt tired and stressed, so long as Hannah was willing to do all the work he knew the sex would do him good.

Hannah stared at her former tits and wondered as she fucked Jake if he knew what she’d done. She needed a change, she needed a different life. She loved being Jake, and not just for the sex. She’d thrown away the medallion, but there was more.

Jake had never had to worry about birth control before. Hannah had an IUD, which as far as Jake had been concerned made the whole thing invisible. She’d had it removed before their swap.

Part of her new life was that she was ready for kids. She just didn’t want to carry them. Jake always said he wanted kids too, someday. Said he wouldn’t mind if she wanted to be a stay at home mom. She didn’t want to end up as a stay at home mom when she quit yet another dead end job.

Jake moaned in her body and she looked down at it. She imagined her belly growing big and round. Imagined her tits getting larger. She would have been such a hot mom.

She groaned and felt her balls empty into Jake. Now Jake could be the hot mom.


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