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Jogging Possession

You were just sitting there in your favorite cafe on a nice saturday evening enjoying some nice hot chocolate. Additionally you were watching the everyday small town life. You nearly finished the tasty cup of hot chocolate, when you watched that cute brown haired girl in her green sportswear casually jogging down the sidewalk. Suddenly it looked like something had hit her from behind as she nearly fell from the impact. She managed to maintain balance though and simply stood there with a blank expression on her beautiful face. As her mind seemed to snap back into place, she had a weird smile on her lips. The girl tugged her hair behind her left ear and quickly gave her breasts a hard squeeze.
“This bitch is some nice host to spent the night in. Didn’t want to sleep on a hard bench in the park that night. It’s a lot more comfortable to sleep in the soft body of some hot girl. I didn’t have a night of fun for quite some time now, too hehe”, you heard her mutter in her soft breath.
As she spotted you starring at her, she walked over to you, with a smugly smile on her face.
“Hey boy, you want to do some dirty things to me tonight? I’m all yours, you can do everything you want to me, as long as you don’t tell anybody what you just witnessed”, she offered you and softly placed her right dainty hand on yours. The touch and the sensual rosy essence which mixed with the smell of her sweaty body, made you shiver in excitement.
You quickly agreed and the two of you hurried of to her place.
She didn’t promise too much, as you could live out all your dirty fantasies with her. Right in the moment you came, as you took her from behind, her body suddenly spasmed violently and she became limp.
In fear, you gathered your stuff as quickly as you could and stormed out of her apartment. In the moment you reached the elevator, someone tapped on your shoulder from behind and you nearly got an heart attack.
As you turned around, there was a young beautiful red haired woman standing there stark naked and wasted no time to give you a wet and very arousing kiss.
“Are you ready for round two sugar?”, she cooed in her sensual voice. You were standing there completely stunned and aroused and asked her who she was.
‘She’ then explained to you, that she was actually a homeless man, that was some kind of possessor and could turn into a ghost and take over any body he wanted. He really liked you and planned sharing some of his sexy hosts from time to time with you.
You were one lucky bastard.

From Homeless to Hot girl

I was a homeless person on the street when one day a man gave me a coin saying it was magic,It has always went wrong in my life, I lost my job and I have never had a family, I always gave my best but I always had bad luck.
This magic coin could change my life, start over again, but I wanted to be different, I I did not want to work hard like in my entire life.
So when I saw this beautiful girl passing me close, looking at me disgusted,I wished to be like her, beautiful, young, rich with a boyfriend who loves her. As soon I thought this I was no longer staring at her perfect ass but the world changed and I found myself in his place disoriented. I looked around and turning back I saw my old dirt body on the floor looking at me with a look of terror I could not help but smile thinking that I had her body and her life.
“Something wrong babe?” said her boyfriend to me. Suddenly I knew his name, and the most important moments of my new life, I could not help but smile again.
“No, absolutely nothing, I’ve never felt better,” I replied and gave him the most passionate kiss of my life. it felt so good, I felt all his love for me. I gave a last look at my old body that had not yet understood what had happened and I went away swinging my hips to give her one last look at her old gorgeous body. Read more