Fountain of Youth

Many explorers have come looking for The Fountain of Youth, and in fact, many have found it. The reason why nobody has heard of it is because nobody knew how to activate it. Their first mistake was translating the name wrong. A more accurate translation would be “The Spring of Youth and Fertility.” To activate the magic, one would have to older and never have been fertile. On top of this, one needs permission from a guardian like myself. The spring is currently enclosed in my families private property and nobody comes looking for it anymore, so I just behave like any other human being. I even started college last fall. I’ve made lots of friends, both young and old here, but my closest is Chris, who just so happens to be a decade and a half earlier. I’ve learned deep, personal secrets about him. For example, he lost his testicles in an accident before he hit puberty. He’s always had regrets in life because of this, including never marrying or obviously, having kids of his own. I decided to be a good friend and invite him over to go boating for Spring Break. When we got on the boat and drove out a bit, I told him I’d make his wish come true. Then I immediately pushed him in. I turned my boat around and docked while I waited to see what would happen. Surprisingly, I don’t see a younger Chris appear, but a bombshell of a babe jump out the water completely naked. It’s Chris! He (She?) has absolutely no clue what happened. We come inside to dry off and I leave her alone to go collect herself and her thoughts while I go get some clothes for her (and some condoms just in case). I come back to find her masturbating and she invites me into bed with her. Let’s just say events transpired… And the condoms were a good call.

I’m just another college guy. At least I was. My buddy James invites me to the spring at his family home for Spring Break, and I had nothing better to do and no girlfriend so I went. We get out on his boat when suddenly he tells me he’d make my wish come true (whatever that meant) and he pushed me in the water and sped off! I start gagging on the water and having an orgasm? My body doesn’t feel right at all and my clothes are getting bigger? My body hurts, but these orgasms are getting stronger and spreading farther. I start swimming up and grab my penis to try to stop the orgasms, only to find my fingers enter a hole. This felt so wrong but so incredibly good. The orgasm is rocking my body and I can’t help but feel amazing as I surface. I make my way to James, but he looks so confused. I quickly look down to discover, not only has all my clothes fallen off, but I’m a hot chick! I talk to James and tell him I’m actually Chris somehow, and he seems to have a strange understanding. He takes me inside to dry off while he gets new clothes for me. I lie down in his bed after drying off and after the shock disappeared, I notice how fucking horny I was. This body is so hot, but it’s just not getting me off, and I HAVE to get some relief. I see a picture of James on the wall and start staring at it. I don’w know why I find him so captivating now. I don’t know why I’m fingering myself while fantasizing about him. OH, I CAME. That felt AMAZING. So much better than when I was a guy. I need the real thing though. I need James! I hear him coming through the door, and I can’t wait for him. I’ll start and see if he gets the idea. Nope, he’s just standing there dumbstruck. “You can call me Christy now, and you’re gonna fuck me. He finally gets started and I know now. I want my life just like this from now on. This pure bliss that I’m craving so much. After a few rounds of sex, I get satisfied for now and he starts explaining. The hornyness must be a side effect. The water designed me to have children, that must be why I got so lucky with hot body and why I crave sex so much. I want to have James’ baby. But we can’t afford that right now. Oh well, he’s gonna have to be busy to keep me satisfied for the next few months. I’m going to be his personal slut.


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