Forever My Teenage Sister

Man, I really don’t want to do this. Not like I have much of a choice. If I don’t play along with my sister Lilly and pretend to be her, she’ll never switch us back. At this rate it’s looking like she won’t anyway.

I didn’t know when I got in a screaming match with her last month about who had it harder, me a college graduate with no job prospects, or her a teenage girl trying to navigate high school, that he had some sort off scroll that could switch our bodies.

So for the last three weeks I’ve been living as a teenage girl. Lilly said if I told our parents or anyone else, that she would destroy the scroll she needed to reverse it. I begged her not to and was forced to go along with her wishes, so I became Lilly. I’ve had to dress as her, bathe as her, hang out with her friends. My parents treat me totally differently too. My mom acts like I’m stupid and won’t let me stay out past 10, and my dad is constantly calling me “princess”. Even worse, since I have to act like Lilly, I have to call him “Daddy”

“Hi, I’m Lilly” I said to myself in the mirror trying to get used to it. I’ve been in this body for three weeks but I still can’t get used to my sister’s reflection in the mirror or her voice ringing in my ears when I speak.

Before I left I presented myself to my sister. She had told me to wear a specific, embarrassing outfit for the first day.
“There, happy?” I said, tugging at my crop top.
“Did you wear the thong?”
“And you stuffed your bra like I told you?”
“Good. So, little sis, do you believe that I have the harder life now?”
“I believe that you’ve MADE my life harder! You still don’t have the harder life, no matter what you subject me to.” I said, trying to maintain my pride.
“Oh you think so? Well if my life is easier, then you’ll enjoy having it from now on.” She said pulling a small piece of paper from her pocket, along with a lighter.
“What are you doing?? Is that-” I said as she set fire to the paper.
“The scroll, yes. Looks like you’ll be stuffing your bra for a while now! At least until your little tits fill out, Lilly” She said laughing. I couldn’t contain the tears as I screamed, “HOW COULD YOU?” and ran back weeping to my sisters room, which would now forever be my room.

I threw myself on the bed and sobbed. My life was over, so many years wasted. I just graduated college and now I had another seven years! I would have to accept my new identity, its not like anyone would believe me if I told them the truth. I’d be wearing panties and bras for the rest of my life, all because I pissed my sister off. I cried for a few minutes longer, and cried even harder when I realized I had to leave for school in ten minutes. At the very least I knew now I could change into some regular panties, since there was no threat hanging over my head anymore. As I slipped off my thong my sister, now brother appeared in the doorway.
“Nuh-uh. I’d keep that on. In fact, I think a thong will be part of your daily uniform now, or else I’ll see to it that a collection of some real embarrassing pics I took a few months ago surfaces, and since you’re in that body to stay I really wouldn’t risk the humiliation.”

I stared at my sister in disbelief. She smiled back easily. Slowly and defeated I slid the thin strip of fabric back into my ass, realizing that now I was forever a teenage girl and STILL under the control of my sister.


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