For a couple of hours

“Get away from me” said the woman that was tied up inside my own apartment. “Who are you? let me help you” I said. There was no sign of my roommate James, or his girlfriend Amy. I didn’t have any idea what was going on, but I didn’t want to be blamed for the abduction of this woman. “No! go away” she said, “don’t touch me. No one must touch me!” she cried. But I didn’t listen to her words, and started untying her hands. By mistake, I touched her ass, her expression changed completely, she didn’t look scared anymore. I could see lust inside her eyes. “I’ve been a bad girl” she said, “Teach me some modals. Spank me.” she said. “Sorry lady, but I am not comfortable spanking you, let me help you” I said, trying to be a gentleman.

She turned around, and wrapped her legs around me. “Ok, just carry me to your bedroom make me yours… I need you inside me John” she said. I didn’t know how she knew my name. I did as she said, and took her to my bedroom, where I fucked her brains out. She enjoyed it way too much. And she was quite kinky.

After sex, she passed out. “I couldn’t believe I just had sex with a random woman. I bet my roommate won’t believe me” I thought, “Where is he anyways?”. I stood up, and walked towards the fridge. Right on my kitchen counter was a note, “John, I hope you like the little present I left you” I was surprised it had Amy’s hand writting. “Treat her well, she ain’t used to being a woman. But that’s what she gets for cheating on me. If she isn’t willing to have sex with you, just touch or spank her ass, that will turn her into a mindless bimbo for a couple of hours”.

There was no point of looking for my roommate anymore, I knew exactly where he was, well, who he was. The way I see it, I now have two choices, once he wakes up, I could help him find a way back to his formerself, or I could go back into my bedroom, and make sure she remains a mindless bimbo by spanking her again and again.


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