Times Change Part 3

“I think you’re about ready…” Andi said uncomfortably as I looked at her large belly. I had watched over the past few months as she grew bigger and bigger, and now after nine months, she was ready to travel back to the past, and give birth…to me. She pushed the button on the device, and traveled back 25 years…
In an instant she had returned, but I could tell it had been a while for her. For one, her clothes had changed: when she left she had been wearing a black bra and purple panties, but now she was fully clothed. On top of that, her belly seemed much smaller now, though still seemed swelled a bit.
“Well, what happened?” I asked hurriedly.
“A-a…different couple…adopted you…” she said, panting. As she said it, my memories began to change. I couldn’t remember my father or mother at all, now they were new people, but new people I remembered like my parents. I had all new memories.
Andi still stood before me at least, so not everything was different. I walked over to her and gave her a big hug, my large boobs squeezing against her body. Everything wasn’t all right, but it was good enough…


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