Better Principal Relations

Ted had always had a hard time with the principal Ronald J. Dickenson. Little did he know that after the Great Shift, he would be in much different relations with him!

It was 3:30 in the afternoon, Ted had just arrived home, and was raiding the fridge for an afternoon snack before getting on his games. Then the Great Shift hit, and he blacked out right there at the fridge, just as he was grabbing a hotdog wiener. When he came to, his unfamiliar left hand was still grabbing a wiener, but it was no hotdog wiener!!!

It felt long warm and hard in his hand and it shot it’s load all over his chest. Then when his attention went to his chest, he seen the two huge naked cum covered boobs he now had attached! Below that a bellybutton piercing, and beneath that a flat crotch that led to a well groomed vaginal opening! His legs were long and smooth encased in black thigh highs, and his feet were smaller and perched up in heels!

He felt so weird, so different, and then shuddered in female orgasm! He felt it all over his body, and never anything like it before! As he looked up, his hand still on that cock, he seen just who it belonged to, the principal, Mr. Dickenson! He was grabbing Mr. Dickenson’s “Dickenson”!

He said in shock, “Mr. Dickenson what happened to me?! What is this?! I’m… I’m… a woman! I sound like Ms. Beaverson, my English teacher! Wait she was wearing black hose today, and those shoes! I’m wearing them! I’m Ms. Beaverson! I’m holding your dick! Oh my goodness, why is it making me feel all weird? I’m Ted, Ted Dawson, you have to believe me! I can’t believe this, I’m my sexy English teacher, and she was doing this with you! Oh…my… this is so weird, what a deal.”

The principal responded, “Jackie, Ms. Beaverson, what is wrong with you? Are you on drugs? We just had a drug bust at school last week. Are you in on it or something? What is wrong with you? You’re Ted Dawson, that little creep that is always stirring up trouble? You have to be kidding me.”

Then when they both heard chaos outside the locked classroom door, it all started to make sense. The principal turned on his phone, and seen the news, the Great Shift had hit, swapping much of the population. Then the principal was stunned, and realized that this may just be Ted, he somehow ended up in his teacher’s sexy body, and now was actually the one holding his cock!

“If you think for one minute I’m going to go easy on you, if you are really Ted in there, you have another thing coming, Mr. Just because you are in the body of your English teacher and my secret lover, doesn’t mean you’re getting off the hook. Once you get cleaned up you are going to detention. I’ve had enough out of you. This is the last straw, you knew you were in her body, yet you still kept grabbing me? Letting me do that to you! This is beyond belief. Now put Ms. Beaverson’s bra, panties, and dress back on and march your new nice ass to detention. Yes you are having detention, I don’t care what is going on. You’re not getting off the hook, I don’t care if the world is coming to an end. You are going there now,” said the principal serious.

Ted had to put the bra back on, and the principal had to help him, as he didn’t know how to operate a bra, something he would have to learn quick, as he would definitely need one the rest of his days with those hooters. Then he put on the panties, feeling weird against his smooth soft skin, and vagina. Ted threw the dress on finally, staring down at his new self in disbelief, he was a woman in a dress now, his own teacher Jackie Beaverson! To make matters worse, as he looked over at the principal Mr. Ronald J. Dickenson, he realized he hat the hots for him! He had her desires, he was into dudes now!

Ted later sat in detention, his ass feeling like two huge pillows.


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