First date

Ashley was getting a little nervous. She constantly checked her outfit to make sure everything looks great. It was her first date ever and she didn’t knew how to act. Before the great shift Ashley was a man named Ryan. Ryan was overweight and socially awkward. He loved to play videogames at his house and almost never went out. After the great shift caused him to end up in Ashley’s body he got motivated to start his life anew. He started to socialize with people and soon he met Paul, a very handsome man who was a woman before the great shift. Besides their gender swap they had a lot in common so they hooked up on a date. Ashley realized she got used to being a girl very quickly. It’s been only three months and she already feels like she was a girl her whole life. When her date arrived Ashley was panicking inside but tried to keep it cool. She couldn’t help but smile at Paul when he gave her a beautifull rose. It was so cute and she felt special. Later Paul took her for a movie and then for a dinner. At the end of their date she invited him home. They didn’t do anything besides talking but Ashley knew that if she ever will make love it will be to Paul


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