Costume Party

“Cute”, Gabriel said with a smirk on his lips, you look good in the costume. And in the cat costume too”.
“I better do because of of the trouble I had putting them on. The cat costume was probably the worst because all of the parts that is jutting out and I even had to do makeup. The `Sheila´-costume was much easier. I just had to put her on and zip up and the magic took are of the rest”, Henry replied with a much higher voice than he was used to. “It was hard in the beginning but I got the hang of it very quick”.
“Yeah, it is supposed to do that. It takes some time but it grants you a basic pool of knowledge that enables you to pass as a girl easier”.
Henry gave Gabriel a suprised look. “It changes my mind? Why didn´t you tell me?”
“Uhm, sorry. Didn´t think it mattered”.
“What else will happen?”. Henry put his hands on his hips, semingly annoyed.
“Just the basics of moving like a girl, talking like a girl and certain core knowledge”.
“So it wont affect me more than what already had happened?”
She seemed relieved.
“Good, I don´t want anymore suprises. Now, are you ready to go to the party as `boyfriend` and ´girlfriend´?”
“You bet I am!”. Showing up with a hot girl at the party would increase his social status immensly.
“Remember, you owe me big time for this. And no kissing!”
“I`ll give you twenty bucks for every kiss”, Gabriel bartered.
“Uh, twenty? Ok, you can kiss me, but no tongue”
“It´s a deal!”.

Henry walked towards the door, putting one foot in line in front of the other, making his hips sway wildly. He didn´t seem to be aware of it, Gabriel thought. It was all according to plan.
He extrapolated the changes that had happened so far with time passed.
Within half an hour Henry wouldn´t mind being kissed for free.
Within one hour Henry would take the initiative to kiss him instead.
Within two hours he would think that he was a she.
Within three hours she would think that she really was his girlfriend.
And within four hours Henry would have been replaced completely with Sheila.


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