A 1000 dollar bet – Part 2

I was getting really curious about how my friend Hector is doing in a woman’s body, so I texted him the day after I Luke, I mean Lisa, sent me a pic of herself naked from the waist up. I kinda already decided the winner of this bet there, but I was surprised when I got the reply from Hector.

Me: How’s it going, man! You wouldn’t believe me if I told you Luke’s got a killer body!

Hector: Well, he may not be the only one with great, hmmmm, “assets”.

Me: Really? Then, come on! Send a pic! Don’t have to be shy, we’re all friends here.

Hector: OK. Sending a pic right now…

Me: Holy shit, Hector! I mean, wow! Lisa was one thing, but you, oh man, you’re a step ahead of her.

Hector: What do you mean?

Me: To be honest, you look like the teens in porn nowadays, whereas Lisa looks like a potential MILF, with her big tits and all.

Hector: So?

Me: So, that means you have a slight advantage if you use your youth in the right way, because I get very turned on by teens. Wait– I just noticed it. Is that a dildo in your hand?!

Hector: Well, yea! I bought one as soon as I woke up in this body. Turns out I have no gag reflex. Who knew?

Me: Wait, so you can, you know, umm, deepthroat?

Hector: As much as I want. Although I can’t help but feel so tiny next to this big-ass dildo. It always makes me image it in my pussy. Better yet, a real cock.

Me: I think you should stop texting like that, because I just came all over my phone!

Hector: Oh, come on!

Me: What?! Don’t give me that crap about how jerking off was never part of the deal. Well, guess what? I can jerk off as much as I want!

Hector: No, not that! I meant to stop you so could come over here.

Hector: Hello! Are you still there?

Hector: That’s my man!

So what do you think I did? I ran straight to her house, but on the way there, something stopped me…


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