Final Exams

Ted said he didn’t want to go to Final Exams, and wanted a way out. A man in an alley told him there was a way out, and a way for him in. Ted didn’t know exactly what he meant, but believing, however, somehow this guy might take the tests for him. He was wrong.

The guy, Harold, changed him in his lab into a woman and told him when he awoke shocked, that he would not have to worry about those Final Exams, now, only the final exam by his nurse on his new sexy equipment! As the nurse spread apart his new pussy lips, and Ted started down in shock at his new tits, and pussy, he now realized what Harold had meant. He was now a different person, and wouldn’t need the exams. Harold got out of Final Exams, but what did Harold mean by a way for him to get in? Soon that would be explained as a naked smiling Harold entered the room after the nurse okayed Ted’s new equipment.

You got out of the Final Exams Ted, now I’m going to get in to you, Tessa. Oh that’s right, you’ll now be my trophy wife, someone I know will be loyal, because with no ID and no one ever believing you were Ted, I’m afraid you are stuck with me. Try living on the street without me, you won’t fair too well especially with a body like that. Trophy wives don’t need Final Exams, unless it’s my sex exam I’m about to give you finalizing your womanhood that is. You will be my sexy obedient wife, and I’ll take care of you and pamper you as your husband. This is the only consensual way I could get a wife, you have no other option but to chose to be with me, and as a man turned woman, no one will ever believe you if you say you were Ted, and also you have experience as a man, so you will be an expert with me in sex. You know what pleases a man, since you were one, so now you will be the perfect wife and love partner. One aspect that will help is, you have five times the normal sex drive of the average woman, and as a woman, I’m sure you’re desires for men will become apparent shortly too. My lab makes no mistakes, we made you a straight woman, so don’t think you won’t like me eventually with that high sex drive. Now time to do the final exam, on your equipment.

Harold entered Ted, now Tessa, as her mouth opened in shock, losing her female virginity to the man that changed her life and the man to whom she would be a wife. She was tearing up at what she got into just to get out of Finals, but eventually the pleasure was so intense with her new desires, she was wondering really how bad it was what she got into, after all it was feeling like the best Final Exam ever!


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