Best Anniversary Present…

Our anniversary was coming up soon and my wife asked me what I wanted. I told her to surprise me. The day before ,a package arrived. It was addressed to my wife, so I called her at work to let her know it was here. She said that the package was my gift from her. I asked her what it was , she said “go ahead and open it ,you’ll see…” and she hung up. I opened the box and there was a female bodysuit with instructions on how to put it on. I went into the bedroom so I could watch in the mirror as this suit went on. First , I got undressed. Then I slid my legs into the suits legs. I then pulled it up passed my waist , making sure I tucked my penis in the sheath so I could pee. I then pulled it up ,inserting my arms into the suits arms while pulling it up to where I could see the suits breasts. I then pulled the headpiece on, making sure everything was in place before I sealed the suit. The instructions said to put on the black bodystocking before activating the suit. As I looked in the mirror at me with this female bodysuit on , I said no way I could pass as a woman . My belly was sticking out, nothing looked right. So I walked over to the bed and grabbed the instruction book. It said once the suit was sealed and everything was ready to say aloud “SUIT ACTIVATE” so i did…. The suit started constricting my waist,the suit itself was becoming my skin! The area around the waist area started changing and giving me an hourglass figure! And where my penis was, now is a fully functioning vagina! I looked down and the suits breasts started filling in and felt SO REAL!!! This is so crazy! Lat thing I noticed was my face had now become one of a goddess! I fell on the bed in pure ecstasy! All I could do was play with my breasts and moan with pleasure as I climaxed over and over as I pleased myself! What a great anniversary present! Not sweetheart come home!!!


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