Filling Quota

“Hi, how can I help you today?” the secretary said, never looking up from her computer.
“I was interested in switching majors,” replied Kevin, nervously.
“Computer science,” he said.
The secretary looked up from her computer and eyed Kevin, almost curiously. “I’m sorry, son,” she said, “but we’ve enrolled way too many boys into this program already. We’re trying to focus on recruiting females right now.”
“Please, what’s one more,” Kevin begged, “I’ll do anything. I really want to major in this.”
“Fine,” the secretary said, reaching for the phone.
“Kevin?” a lady said, bursting into the office.
“Yes,” he replied.
“Follow me.”
Kevin followed the lady down the hall into one of the labs where a unique glass shower stood in the center of the room.
“Get into the shower, please,” she said.
He stood patiently inside the box as she fiddled with some knobs and buttons.
“What’s going on?” he asked.
“I’m sure you know by now but our computer science program is 94% males. That’s pretty unacceptable. Our solution has been to no longer accept males but that still hasn’t solved the problem that no females are even applying. Luckily thanks to a new formula we’ve developed in our lab and a willing volunteer such as yourself—”
Steaming hot water began to spray into the shower.
“—we can start to bolster the amount of females within our program, one male applicant at a time.”
Steam flooded the walls of the shower as Kevin’s clothes practically melted off of his body.
“NO! I DON’T WANT THIS!” Kevin screamed, beating the shower door. His hair poured off his body leaving a smooth, bald, featureless man in place. He stared at his reflection in the glass, shocked by what he saw as long brunette hair began to cascade from his head.
“Relax, this will be over before you know it,” said the lady as she pulled another lever. The steam poured into Kevin’s nostrils as he felt his ass explode into two giant, plush mounds.
“please…” Kevin moaned, his voice soft and feminine, “…stop…”
“We’re almost done,”
A moan escaped Kevin’s lips as his new, sensitive nipples rubbed against the glass of the shower. As his dick crawled inside of him he could feel and overwhelming rush of sexual pleasure encase his body. The water stopped, but Kevin was still lost in the feeling of the change.
“I’ll leave your schedule on the table for you, Kelli. You can leave when you’re done,” said the lady as she unlocked the shower. Kelli’s fingers traced her body, entering her soaking wet pussy. Looks like she picked a great major to switch into.


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