Field Test

It was an accident. Brent and Ethan had been working on a “reality polarization machine” for a couple weeks and they’d finally finished it. They’d hauled the damn thing down to show their friend Sam. Sam, of course, wanted to know if it worked(and what it did, of course, but since neither Brent nor Ethan could explain that in understandable English…..) They’d adjourned to the living room where Brent had decided to perform a field test. Ethan took offense to Brent being the one to test it, they began scuffling, Sam, to his mild anxiety, saw the machine start spinning,and then…..

A beam of light shot out from the machine hit Sam square in the chest. there was a flash, and then……

Brent and Ethan gawked at a blonde chick in a red dress who now stood in the living room. “Sam?” Brent asked. The girl slightly shook her head. “Yeah no shit.” She commented. Ethan looked at Brent. “Guys, look. I have to be at this stupid formal in an hour, and if I’m not, my mom is going to call me and be like, “Samantha Angela Cooper, where are you? So ditch the contraption, ok?”


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