What Was in The Drugs?

Matt and Jimmy had one last big weekend in their junior year of college and they had decided to make the most of it by throwing a giant party. Of course, there was the expectation that drugs and beer would be present, especially after last years’ rager they’d thrown at the end of sophomore year. They were pretty popular at school and they’d also invited a shit-ton of people so this was going to be wild.

Matt had been in charge of procuring the illicit materials while Jimmy handled the “on board” stuff. Saturday night came and everything was good to go. Jimmy had thought it was weird that Matt had hired a guy to hack into the school’s administration records, but hey….it was all good.

Jimmy and Matt had paused at a railing on a landing overlooking the party. “Dude, this is going great!” Matt hissed. Jimmy nodded. As he scanned the crowd he saw a guy pop a bright pink pill, then suddenly begin to….morph. His body and clothing changed and she grinned at Matt.

Pulling down her dress front she flashed her boobs at them and shimmied, first with a wide grin then with a seductive smirk. Matt nudged Jimmy. “That’s Angela, my new girlfriend.” He said with a grin. Jimmy just stared. “Dude, what was in those drugs?”


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