“What you said to entertain him?”
I started to get dressed again in the clothes I had worn the other night. My friend Jane wanted to sneak away from her fiance for one last night of freedom to hook up with whoever she wanted with her girlfriends before she got married.
“Yeah I meant watch a movie. Not blow my fiance you slut!”
Me an Jane have been friends for years so when she needed to distract her fiance for the night she came to me. She told her fiance she wanted him to get to know her sister. So she gave me some purple drink and I became Jane’s sister Paula for the night, my hair grew out, lips got softer, my chest expanded and then I felt my penis shrink away and turn into my new pussy. I was on board to help out a friend but my new body had other ideas. We started talking and having fun but then he brushed up against me and I liked the feeling. I started to brush up against him. He started rubbing my nipples and I could feel his cock getting harder as he moved it against my pussy. I completely forgot about Jane and everything else all I wanted was his cock. I needed to feel what it was like to suck it right before he fucked me with it. I became the biggest cock whore in the world for him.
“Yano the liquid should last for a few more hours. And I’ve always wanted to try a threeway?”


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