Morning wood equivalent

Thomas woke up slowly, feeling aroused like he normally did. His mind filled with thoughts of boobs and blow jobs, of being transformed like he’d so often dreamed about and being the one with those boobs and giving those blow jobs. He didn’t feel the same sensation though. No tightness in his groin. Instead…

He opened his eyes and his lust heightened even further and he smiled. He’d really done it last night. It had cost a fortune, literally years of savings, but he’d made his fantasy come true. He couldn’t stop smiling as he sat up, feeling the weight of the enormous boobs he’d asked for. He cupped them and felt a strange damp emptiness between his legs as he squeezed them.

He’d been so exhausted after the change. They’d given him a whole new wardrobe. For the price he’d paid some clothes were nothing. He couldn’t remember much. They dressed him and sent him on his way. He staggered home and went to bed. He’d stripped apparently, but left on the necklace and earrings they’d given him. He liked that he had them on still, and nothing else. They made him feel so girly.

The thought of being girly, those wonderful tits, the realization that he was really stuck this way now, his morning wood equivalent, he couldn’t resist. He laid back down and began to explore the void between his legs with one hand while the other stuck to his chest. He was eager to find out what a female orgasm felt like. Maybe later he’d go find one of his old friends and live out the rest of the fantasy too…


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