Feminine wiles and Birth control

Feeling his eyes on me, I paused, “What?”

“Nothing. It’s just… you look so hot.” He said.

“Well, you know, it’s hot outside.” I said, a half truth. It was hot outside, and these clothes kept me cool, but I knew they made me look good. After all, a year ago I would have given my right arm to date a girl who looked like this.

“Yeah, but now you’ve got me all excited. That won’t do. Squat down and give me a blowjob.” He said.

Not that I would have resisted if I could, I smiled and squatted, spreading my knees wide. I felt my pussy tingle as he stripped and stepped before me, pushing his hard cock into my mouth. I began bobbing my head, I knew he liked it when I did the work. I was almost always on top, almost always the one putting the energy into our fucking, even if it was just with my mouth.

It made me so horny. It always did. Something about submitting to him, being powerless to stop it, it was a turn on. Plus I knew how hot I was and I turned myself on just thinking about me giving a blow job.

I knew I couldn’t stop until he came in my mouth. Still, I wasn’t totally his slave. I could have reached up with my hands, looked up and met his gaze, something to let him know how desperately I wanted him to fuck me. He’d command me on to my back and spread my legs. He’d pound into me and I’d scream and he’d squirt inside of me.

I wanted it. Would have done it if it weren’t for things he’d started muttering. When we turned thirty and both of us were still single, we agreed to use his grandmother’s spell. Sure it turned the victim into the other’s ideal lover and virtual slave, but we’d been friends a long time. We’d trust and respect each other. He made more money, so he’d be the one to cast the spell, the one to keep his cock.

I got over losing mine pretty quickly. His ideal lover sure loved sex, so I loved sex, not that I hadn’t before when I could get it. Now it was just about constant. I embraced my knew role as his horny girlfriend. I didn’t have to work and he spoiled me rotten and if anything I wanted the sex more than him.

Now though, he’s been muttering. Talking about wanting more. Marriage, which I’m not opposed to, and kids, which scare me shitless. He joked about putting a baby in me and I try to laugh. Maybe someday I reply, but I think he wants it now.

So I’ve been using my feminine wiles to make sure his cum ends up in my belly, so my belly won’t grow. They say the best form of birth control is abstinence, but so far I’ve found blow jobs work pretty well too.


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