Female Investigator

Brad thought he was a hunk female investigator, but his girlfriend had other plans after investigating his cheating ways.

“So you like investigating women so much do you Brad? Why don’t we combine the two. You can be an investigating woman,” said Linda his soon to be ex.

Before he could reply, she waved her hands, and Brad was now a pretty female, dressed very feminine also!

“I think we’ll call you Nancy now, Nancy Drew, you can be a female investigator, have a nice life NANCY!”

She Brand, now Nancy, standing in his backyard stunned, but not upset? He smiled and put a hand on his hip.

“She played right into my hand, this is what I wanted her to do, I never cheated on her, just made it look that way, so she would do this to me! Wow, this outfit is so beautiful too! I look amazing, I need to investigate myself before all else!”

The new Nancy moved those pretty tights clad legs into the house to get a view in the mirror of her new form, delighted this happened to her.


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