Payback Part 1

Malcolm’s divorce was just finalized last month and he had lost everything, including the house. His now ex-wife Emily told him she was cheating on him since before they were even married with her lawyer girlfriend Jenny. Said lawyer then kicked his ass in court. But that wasn’t enough. She then got him fired from their shared workplace by faking emails to his boss. Now, he was blowing his unemployment on booze when he saw his old boss Bruce at the bar. He told Bruce what Emily did and Bruce must had felt bad as he gave Malcolm his job back and then gave him a stone he said Malcolm could use to get revenge. Bruce said it could change a person’s reality and showed it by having Malcolm tell the stone a wish. Malcolm wished that he could pay his tab and just enough appeared in his pocket. Bruce left and Malcolm wished for a car to take him to his old house.

When he got there he found out the key was changed, so he changed it back. He found Emily alone in his old room. He made her shut up with the stone. He then wished her to sit down in the closet. Malcolm started making changes.

He made her younger, smaller and Asian, as she said that was her type. He then made her cup, hip, lip and butt sizes double. Followed by making her always horny and on the brink of orgasm 24/7. Now the only way to orgasm was for Malcolm to command it with his mind(in which case it would be 100 times more intense than her previous record holder for most intense). Otherwise if she got any hornier or any closer to the brink that would be her new normal.

She now talked like a bimbo with a stereotypical Asian accent, and her gag reflex gave her pleasure instead of doing its job. Every part of her body(even non-androgynous zones) were made super sensitive by Malcolm, to the point where just walking was a feat. Her memories were loaded with sex moves and Malcolm gave her permanent slutty makeup(more like tattoos than anything else). He gave her multiple tramp stamps, a billy button piercing, pigtails and a tongue piercing. Lastly he made it so she obeyed anything he said. After those changes he tested her holes for a couple hours with the increased stamina he gave himself with the stone. Not stopping until every bit of her new body was covered in his cum, every hole was filled and her stomach was full. Then he started explaining her new life.

She was to tell no one about this but Jenny, who he used the stone to make it so she would believe her. She would pay him 90% of her income every week. She would never masturbate again. When she came by to drop off the money she would take as much of her stuff as she could carry to sell, then give him the money next week with the income. She would take as many paid days off as she could from her job and give all the money to Malcolm, when she was finally fired she would file for unemployment and give it all to Malcolm. Malcolm told her to warn Jenny that if she tried to tell anyone, get Malcolm in trouble, undo this or somehow get in the way bad things would happen. Emily would also never try to fix this.

He told her to lick herself clean and to not stop until all the cum was swallowed. When she was done with this Malcolm made some changes he couldn’t make while having sex with her. She was now super fertile. So much so even a single sperm inside her had a 100% chance of making her pregnant. And from every possible manner, through her mouth, butt and even from being absorbed into the skin were now all added. This included female cum too. He threw some underwear at her, told her to put it on and ordered her to get out but not before taking some clothes to sell. He slapped her ass on her way out and heard the downstairs door slam a couple seconds later. Then he started to make wishes into his rock to keep good on his promises about Jenny if she got in the way.


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