Feel the Rhythm

The guy at the bar told Glen to “feel the rhythm of the music”, and they discussed their love for EDM or electronic dance music. Eventually Glen, very drunk, went to the guy’s house to listen to his collection.

Eventually Glen was about to pass out, and the guy, Harold, said “feel the rhythm of… MY COCK” as suddenly Glen’s hair cascade downward and he sprouted tits, and a pussy formed as his cock and balls pulled in. Harold proceeded to enter Glen, as Glen was still full of booze and woozy and in shock, as SHE grabbed her left boob with her long pink nails, feeling the heaviness of her long straight silky hair around her new soft face, and the sensitive boob weight, as she was felling the rhythm with this man going in an out of her new vagina! All she was wearing now was some makeup, a white lace garter belt, and white stockings with lace tops.

Glen was in shock and bliss at the same time, about to orgasm as a female for the first time, whatever that meant! As Harold grunted, and shot his huge load into Glen, Glen had three orgasms, and she felt them throughout her entire curvy and soft body!

Harold said, “Glenda my dear, Glenda, you will be my wife, and you are now pregnant with my first child. I had trouble finding the right woman for me, even though many did like EDM music, they didn’t like me much more than that similarity. So, I thought you to be more like me, but then again you were a man. So I used my magic, with the rhythm of the music to change your body to suit me, a matching personality with a female body so you could be my perfect wife, and bearer of my children. I’m very virile so you should be pregnant, and no one will think you were ever Glen now, so with no ID, and no identity, I think you’re best bet is to be my wife. I will provide everything for you and our children. You will want for nothing, and tomorrow in fact, I’m going to get you the best looking dress and heels in town. After all, a wife needs to dress like a lady in my opinion. You definitely are a lady, wow you are hot.”

The new Glenda grabbed her face and boobs and pussy, and sobered up a bit, “OH MY GOSH WHAT JUST HAPPENED? WHY AM I A CHICK and I have to be your WIFE?!”

“Calm down, woman, yes I said that,” said Harold.

“I can’t believe this, I even sound like a woman. This isn’t some weird dream this is real. I’m a chick, a knocked up chick,” said Glenda after looking a nearby mirror.

Harold smiled, as Glenda, said, “I have to admit that sex was wonderful, and I feel pretty good in this body for some reason. I was a loser as a guy anyway, you said you would take care of me?”

“Of course, dear, anything, just make sure you dress like a woman, no pants for you babe,” said Harold.

Glenda said, “Women wear pants all the time, are you kidding, and leggings look hot on them I might add, probably hot on my fine ass now too.”

Harold said, “Yeah, but not my lady. I take care of you, and you be the obedient wifey, got that?”

Glenda reluctantly said, “Yes, dear.”

Glenda knew she couldn’t tell anyone, this guy could probably hurt her with his powers, and no one would ever believe she was Glen. She lost a foot in height already, and looked nothing like him.

Harold said, “Now, I’ll carry you to bed, and tomorrow we go shopping for that dress and shoes. You can wear my trench coat, until we find you the proper clothing babe.”

Glenda defeated said, “Yes dear, we will.”

So ended Glen, and began Glenda, later wife to Harold, and bearer of three lovely children, two girls, and one boy.


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