Every inch

Scott could not believe two days on exchange Island in a woman’s body that made him so horny that he had to finger himself three times a day had led to him picking up a stranger and taking him back for sex.

Scott lay their naked with legs apart in the body of a beautiful young woman staring up at the massive cock of the man he had just picked up on the beach and brought back to his cottage.

Not sure that he could go through with it as he put one hand on the base of the cock to feel the weight of it nervously trying to work out if it would fit inside of him.

As he lay there wide-eyed staring up at the mans huge erect cock that was making him so wet with anticipation he decided to bite the bullet.

He was pleasantly surprised once he started to relax that the things slid in with little effort and the more he relaxes the more he enjoyed it even if he was going to be walking like John Wayne afterwards as he let out a moan of pleasure as he lay there taking that massive thing in and enjoying every inch of it.


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