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Even Exchange PT2

“Amber What is it?” Ric asked as his borrowed bodies heart raced.
“Well last night I met someone and she is great, I think we are soul mates.”Amber states
“I’m happy for you Amber, but what does this have to do with me” a confused Ric asked not noticing that he was still drenched in the juices from last nights self escapades.
Amber looks at Ric more seriously than he had ever seen himself”The reason that I asked to exchange bodies was because I met Jill at a club and we hit it off, but she isn’t into woman. So I told her about you and I said that I would set you guys up. We hit it off last night, so well that we made love up until about 10 minutes ago. My powers are gone”
Ric stared in disbelief” But I didn’t break the rules, I stayed here and had a wounder full night.’ Read more

Its too late

I knew that it was too good to be true, my wife Lara had asked if I would be okay with having a threesome with her best friend Lilly.At first I was wondering if she was testing me, but when her friend arrived at my door wearing nothing but a towel I shook my head in agreement. My wife and I had been having a slump in our marriage and I believed that she wasn’t attracted to me anymore but I couldn’t have been more wrong.
We got into the bedroom and Lilly dropped her towel and showed the two of us her perfect figure, then Lara went up to her and stated kissing her with passion that I had never seen before. Lilly then whispered something in her ear and then out loud told us to undress, we obliged and all got on the bed. As Lara made her way to the bed I couldn’t help but admire her perfection, it was no secret that we had married each other for our looks and she was model worthy. Lara kisses me on the cheek and asks me to lay on the bed and relax, as I lay there my wife gets on top of me and stars to kiss me as she kissed Lilly. Then mid make out I feel that Lilly is enjoying a treat of her own and says something weird.
“Iv always wanted to fuck your body”
I think nothing of it because my wife and I are passionately making out, Lara then asks ” Do you want my body?”
Without even thinking I moan out “YES”
She stops kissing me and a smile that would rival the jokers came across her face, she then thanked me and proceeded to make out with me. The kissing got more intense, I began to feel as though between our mouths something was entering me and I began to lose control of my body. I couldn’t feel Lilly enjoying her treat anymore but instead I felt that I was filling an empty vessel and when I opened my eyes I was shocked to see my body looking up at me with that grin that was just moments ago on Lara’s face. I tried to pull back but Lilly was still at it, but more into it then ever. without saying a word Lilly stopped and said
“Finally, Can I sit on your face now?”
Lara replied with a nod,and mid nod I was penetrated, It felt like we were connected and she knew how I felt after all this was her her body. She then said that she didn’t love me but that she loved my body, after we got married she found out that Lilly was her soul mate, but that Lilly wasn’t into women. Lara knew that Lilly was jealous of her marriage so to get Lilly she took my body. Lara then explained that penetration makes the swap permanent, but at this point I don’t care im in a threesome with 2 hot women, despite me being one of them now …….