The Object Sequencer which could create objects in it’s chamber somehow had a minor malfunction in recognizing voice commands. Terrence didn’t know about the glitch, and wanted to sequence a “mean revolver”. The machine interpreted this as a “clean vulva” instead, and also in doing so asked Terrence to enter the chamber. He wasn’t sure why he was asked to enter just to have a gun made, but he did so anyway.

After the sequencing was complete, we see a dumbfounded and stunned Terrence with a “clean vulva”. He stared down with his mouth open seeing two modest breasts, a tiny waist, and a female equipment below, including his new vulva. The soap then came out and then the water, cleaning him off very well in his new crotch and other places as well. He of course was changed to match that misunderstood criteria, now a woman with a vulva, and also being soaped and showered after the change for the “clean” part. When he, or now she turned to look at the screen inside the Object Sequencer, she read the description:

“Request for sequencing of clean vulva complete. Physical changes were required to accommodate this sequencing event. Have a nice day, and thank you for using the Object Sequencer by Creatacorp.”

Her heart raced as she realized she was now a woman, the machine having made an error. Then she remembered the briefing about the experimental machine, if someone went into the chamber for a request and their body altered, they could not use it again. Death would result in a second use, having to do with the stresses it puts on the body the first time around. Terrence got out and looked in a mirror in the room, absolutely in awe at what just transpired so quickly, feeling her breasts, her crotch, and her butt. Now she wasn’t so much concerned with guns as she was with her new round soft buns.


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