Epidemic (5)

“Damn it, still no word on finding a cure?!” Harry, or “Harriet” asked aloud to herself as she read the news in a science magazine. “I can’t take this anymore!” She said as she caressed her massive breasts. Nearly two months had gone by, and the world was being ravaged by the T-G Virus. 35% of the world’s population had been exposed and undergone “bimbosis”. There was a mass panic and entire sections of various cites were being quarantined, including where Harriet and her roommates lived. She could hear her bimbo roommates fucking their latest victims throughout the apartment. Some poor uninfected souls and been quarantined along with the infected. Both the uninfected, and even some of the “Bimbos” tried to resist having sex with each other for as long as they could, but it was only a matter of time before they started spreading the virus even more. The infected found that after they achieved sexual release, that they had only a few moments of clear thinking before their overwhelming arousal returned. This meant that pretty much all day every day they either needed to have sex or masturbate. Harriet spent most of her time doing the latter. She hated infecting people, so she tried her best to stay away from men. However, hearing the pleasured cries of the poor men her roommates “Toni”, “Martina”, and “Queenie” had dragged home was not helping her resolve.


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