Epidemic (4)

Harry’s big breasts bounced as she ran to Quincy’s room to use what little sense she had left to warn him to leave, but was surprised to see Marty, or “Martina”, walking out of Quincy’s room naked. As Harry burst into her roommate’s room, she realized that she was too late as she stared at Quincy new big breasts and vagina as she tried to control her new long blonde hair. Quincy, however, looked to be taking the whole thing well. Despite being a scrawny male hipster less than an hour earlier, she giggled like the plump horny bimbo that she now was. The virus had spread through all four male roommates in less than a week. Harry couldn’t help but wonder how bad things were going to get in the rest of the world before a cure was found…. IF a cure was found…


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