Ballet Addition

The girls held down Terrence, after changing him into a ballet girl like them! He was in shock and rightfully so, but they said it was for the best, the needed another on their team for the show, and didn’t like the other they had to pick. They said Terrence understood them, and was like one of the girls anyway. They also told him the spell was permanent, and they would help him get used to being a girl. They also told him on a bright note, they would all get a college scholarship if they won the competition, and he was very beautiful after the change, he should have no trouble finding a mate, even… if it might be a male one! Terrence’s eyes lit up again as they muffled him until he, no she calmed down a bit! They called him Tabatha now, and said he would make a wonderful addition to their ballet team, as he was already a male ballet dancer, and with his new more flexible body would be even better!


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