Enjoying it too much

Joe had fantasized about becoming a woman for a long time. When he stumbled across that wishing coin, he wished to be able to change gender at will. He just wanted to try being a woman, he told himself. It was just a weird sexual fetish, he told himself. He still wanted to spend his days as a man, even if he wanted to try sex as a girl. Or so he told himself.

She shivered as the cock hit the back of his throat. She had been Jane for almost a week straight now. She’d been masturbating, fucking, or sucking cock constantly since then. Especially sucking cock. On her first night she’d gone out and picked up a guy. She pulled down his cock so he could fuck her, but then she saw it. She wanted it in her mouth so bad. She had no doubt given that guy the greatest BJ of his life, sucking him off until he came in her mouth, went limp, got hard again, and came in her mouth again. She was surprised to learn she didn’t just like sucking cock, she loved it.

She’d sucked off three dozen guys in her week as a woman. Fucked a dozen of them too. It all felt soooo good. Her latest guy had taken some more convincing. She wanted him to finish in her mouth, but he had demanded anal. She hadn’t tried that yet. her whole body was tingling at the idea.

She should turn back. Joe had only so many vacation and sick days left, and he’d already called in just about all of them. But did she want to? How could anything compare after this? How could she ever give up dick? She just enjoyed it too much.


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