Fun With a Friend

It’s great having a friend who happens to be a bodyhopper. In my case, my friend Alex is a bodyhopper and he has developed a liking for hopping hot girls at our school and using their bodies to sleep around. Right now Alex is in the body of Kyu, a Korean girl that is in our history class. I’ve been fantasizing about having sex with her ever since I first laid my eyes upon her.

Lucky for me, Alex brought Kyu over to my house for some fun. After I let Alex in through the front door, we went directly upstairs to my room. I knew that we would have the house to ourselves until the late afternoon, so we would have plenty of time for fun. Good thing too, because Alex wanted to play his special game first. Alex often liked to tease me and make me wait when he brought a girl over to my house, so he came up for a special game for us to play while we played a shooting videogame together. The rules of the game were just that once one of us died in the shooting game five times, the they would have to remove a piece of clothing. It was like a simple strip game, except with a videogame.

We started to play our special game and Alex quickly gained a big lead on me. He was still fully-clothed, while I was already missing my socks and shorts. I was able to close the gap though, and Alex decided to remove Kyu’s socks and then her jeans. For her socks, Alex just pulled them off and threw them at my face, which wasn’t very sexy. For her jeans, Alex first got up and put Kyu’s butt in my face. He then wiggled her body out of her tight jeans, which exposed her sexy black and white thong. That left Kyu wearing only her gray tank top, bra, and thong; meanwhile, I only had on a shirt and my boxers. I suppose girl’s two-piece underwear gave Alex a small advantage in the game, but only Alex was really concerned with winning it. The way I saw it, I always won.

Shortly after, I lost my shirt and then Alex lost Kyu’s tank top, so we were both finally in our underwear. For her tank top, Alex made me take it off of Kyu’s body myself in a particularly arousing way. He got up again and sat in my lap, facing me. He then began to make out with me and told me to take off her top in a sexy tone of her voice. I slowly pulled her top off while still kissing her, exposing her black and white bra. Once her top was off, Alex got off of me and started modeling Kyu’s underwear in front of me. He said that he bought the underwear when he went on a little shopping spree with Kyu’s credit card.

After modeling Kyu’s underwear, Alex suggested that we have sex in my sister’s bedroom. I told him no way, but he just put on an irresistible pouty face, grabbed my hand, and pulled me into my sister’s bedroom. Once we got into the bedroom, I still put up some resistance, at least until he got onto my sister’s bed and just stared at me. I couldn’t resist anymore and I jumped onto the bed and started to make out with Alex. I felt every part of Kyu’s body as she felt mine and that eventually turned into a fantastic session of sex.

Once both of us were satisfied, Alex went to the bathroom to clean up Kyu’s body and he returned to the room redressed in her clothes to say goodbye for now. Alex’s way of saying bye to me when he was in a girl was usually to press their body against mine and to give me a quick kiss. I was unhappy to see Alex leave already because now I had to clean up my sister’s room before she got home. Oh well, having sex with Kyu was completely worth it.


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